Wednesday, 25 April 2018

    Challenge your heart and your brain ! e-twinning Project  

    The students of 2ESO A and 2 ESO B are working on a project called "Challenge your heart and your brain" in collaboration with 4 European schools: a school in Italy, one in France, one in Greece and a Turkish school. 

    The aim of the Project is to teach students to learn English in a context, as well as teach them to express themselves in different ways : visual, oral, kynethetic.....  The students are very happy being involved in the project, their motivation towards it is higher and the results are better.

    Today we have received a parcel from our Sicilian partners with lots of items that represent their country . The task is called : one object, one student and each student has to make a small video about the object that they have chosen, and imagine or invent its use. We also have to vote for the best jingle that the different teams have created and finally we will invent poems about Friendship . It is an original way to teach English.

Resultado de imagen de etwinning

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