Saturday, 20 October 2018

Sello de calidad para nuestro Proyecto e-twinning

Quality Label granted on our Project "Challenge your Brain and your Heart"

We have just been granted the Quality Label for students and teachers involved last year in an etwinning project called " Challenge your brain and your heart" 

Añadir leyenda

The Project involved the importance of learning English not only through the verbal-linguistic intelligence, but through the 8 intelligences.: the musical-rythmic, the visual-spatial, the logical-mathematical, the bodily-kynethetic, the interpersonal, the intrapersonal and the naturalistic intelligence.

As the name implies, more than once it has meant a challenge for students and teachers and we have had to learn together, which was great fun.

We worked with 4 partner schools : One in Cosrica, one in Greece, one in Sicily and another one in Turkey. All the teams were fantastic and worked on the project with great enthusism.

The result, so far 3 Quality labels from 3 different countries.

Here goes for a well done poject!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STUDENTS IN 2 ESO A last year, this year in 3 ESO C!!!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Trinity classes 

Last Tuesday, our assistant Connor Nitz  started the Trinity classes. he is teaching 3 different levels  B1. B2 and C1. 

The classes are on Tuesday afternoon-evening, starting with B1 at 4:30, B2 at 5:30 and C1 at 6:30.

We expect our students to be as successful this year as they have been in the previous years and to 
get their cetificates!

Good luck to all of them !

Connor Nitz, our  language assistant this year!

On the 1st October , our assistant Connor Nitz arrived to our school, all the way from Chicago. He is a very nice and friendly young man willing to assist us in any way he can.

All the team is very pleased with him and we hope that he is comfortable with us!

New School Year 2018-2019

On the 17th September, we started a new school year . All the bilingual  staff in our school  is very excited with the new year, we are full of energy and will try to enhance the knowledge of our students in all the different bilingual areas, and of course the knowledge of the English language and British culture!

We really think it is going to be a great year!

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Resultados Trinity

Llegaron los resultados de los exámenes de Trinity College de nivel B1 y B2. Otro año más, los resultados de los alumnos han sido muy buenos, y la mayoría de nuestros alumnos han conseguido los certificados correspondientes.

Esperamos que el próximo curso, como durante el curso 2016-2017, nuestros alumnos se animen con el nivel C1.

Enhorabuena a todos!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Despedida de nuestras lectoras : Robyn , Louise and Kaitlin

             El 30 de mayo despedimos a las tres lectoras que han ayudado a nuestro alumnos este curso. 

             Robyn y Louise han entrado en el aula con los alumnos y su ayuda ha sido muy apreciada. Su participación en el aula ha sido muy activa y los alumnos han interactuado de buen grado con ellas. Su compromiso ha sido grande y han ayudado de manera eficaz al profesorado bilingüe del centro.

             Agradecemos a los colegios Ángel de Haro y Cuatro Caños que nos las hayan cedido durante una mañana a la semana cada una.

              Kaitlin ha ayudado a nuestros alumnos a prepararse para el examen del Trinity que se realiza en el mes de abril y mayo en nuestro centro. Este curso nivel B1 y B2. Su compromiso y su esfuerzo han sido grandes y los resultados obtenidos en la prueba han sido muy satisfactorios. 

              Queríamos agradecer al IES El Palmeral el haber flexibilizado su horario para que haya podido asistir a las pruebas orales y así haber podido permanecer al lado del alumnado en momentos de nervios y estrés.

                                    RECITAL PLURILINGÜE: 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King

                  On the 24th May, we had our annual Recital. This year the theme was the 50th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King.

 The students of  1ESO A and B , 2 ESO A, B and C have rehearsed during weeks for this show. They have done some sketches, recited some poems and sung some songs.

                It was incredible to see students of 1ESOB face the difficulty of some of the songs in English, such as "Where is the Love" from the Black Eyed Peas, or the students of 2ESOB sing the rap in Spanish from El Chojín "Rap contra el racismo".

               The students of 1ESOA enjoyed singing and dancing the Ed Sheeran song " Bibia Be Ye Ye".

The show was presented by two students from 2ESO A : María Victoria y José David Alias, who smilingly led the public through all the acts of the show, encouraging the public to clap and to interact with them

                  It was a great success and all the students were very pleased with themselves!

                                                 We hope that the parents enjoyed it too!!