Friday, 12 January 2018

Halloween                                                                                               31st    October   2017

I loved Halloween because there were lots of cool activities to do. There were activities liike: carve your pumpkin, dancing, colouring in pictures, the mystery box, parachute, egg racing and face painting.

The people in each activity had different face paint. The people from the pumpkin carving activity were dressed up as pumpkins....

They divided you in groups of 4 or .

I thought that the girl that was walking around was brilliant, because she was dressed up as a crazy science teacher who had killed her own student. She was scary and awesome at the same time. She threw blood at anyone walking by. She absolutely soaked me with blood!

Only a few peopplle dressed up in m class; two of us dressed up as zombies, another like a sugar skull bride, others as Goths ..... not a lot of people dressed up.

AMPA were giving out thirty euros to the best costume and  twenty euros for the second best. The best costume was Ana Sánchez´ who dressed up as a sugar skull bride and the second was OBi-Evan who dressed up as a zombie. Their costumes were cool!

My favourite activity was the parachute. In the activity we tried to keep the balls in the parachute and ran inside the parachute so no air could come out....

We had a really good time!!

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