Saturday, 27 May 2017


Euroscola Competition

The students of 4º ESO of IES Alyanub decided to participate this year in the international competition of Euroscola of this year 2017. This contest has as purpose bring the parliament over to the young students of the diverse countries who integrate the European Union.

Three teams have been formed, the team Los de Vera, and the team EuroVera of 4º ESO B and the team GTS, Give The Solutionof 4º ESO C, each one with a total of 10 students that, after studying the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, they had worked on the development of a video of one minute and a half duration based on one of the rights of the above mentioned Charter.

At the same time, a second video has had to be realized, of five minutes of duration of making of, explaining the role that each of the pupils has had in the creation of this video and the process that has followed from the reading and deepening of the different fundamental rights up to its edition and the last details, passing for the choice of the right on which they were going to work, the way and place at which they were going to be working, the distribution of roles and functions...
From the first moment, the pupils have showed a great motivation in this activity, working inside and out of the classroom with autonomy and many initiative.

The most entertaining of the process was the accomplishment of the video of making of, where the participants appear in a spontaneous and relaxing way.

The work and the realized effort has been hard and we hope that it answers to the expectations of the juror of the contest.

¡¡See you soon in Strasbourg!!